Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ever After -- 1998

Ever After

Rated PG
My Rating: 4 Stars

Andy Tennant

Drew Barrymore
Anjelica Huston
Dougray Scott
Megan Dodds
Melanie Lynskey
Patrick Godfrey

There is something better than a good movie and that is sharing the good movie with my family. There is something wonderful about Cinderella and this film captures the whimsical, courageous spirit of the fairytale. I think every girl who watches this film will have dreams for years to come of her handsome prince riding into her life on a prancing, stolen steed. But I digress. ;-)

Shortly after the Grimm Brothers published their book of fairytales, they were invited to the castle by the Grand Dame of France. She enjoyed their book, especially the story of the little cinder girl but she had questions of it's origin. The Brothers replied that as with so many fairy tales, there are no real answers. Almost immediately upon arrival, they see a strangely familiar painting of a beautiful woman. That woman, The Grand Dame informs them, was Danielle de Barbarac... 

Once upon a time, namely the 1500's, there lived a beautiful, energetic little imp of a girl. She had no mother but she did have a loving father and doting house servants who spoiled her terribly. Life was beautiful and Danielle felt she was missing nothing. Her father, however, was of a different opinion. One day, word came that he was bringing home a new mother and two sisters. 

Who knows what would have happened if he had been there in the years that passed. But he wasn't. His death was as sudden as the arrival of the step-mother and step-sisters. It left Danielle to their mercy. 

The years fly by. Our heroine is now a beautiful young lady and a servant in her own house. She is required to wait on the table, work in the fields, clean the stable... but this doesn't bother Danielle as much as the knowledge that her father's beloved farm is slowly sinking into bankruptcy. Running an estate held no appeal to her step-mother. The only thing she desired was to enter court again and what better way of doing that than to marry her eldest to the Prince? 

But one fine day, Danielle finds a ruffian making off with her father's horse and with just wrath in her heart, proceeded to throw apples at him until the horse threw him and he lay groaning at her feet . It was when he staggered upright and uncovered his face that Danielle realized her life was in danger. 

She had just bruised royal hide. 

What I liked:
1: The innocence of the story. A few kisses, a hug, tender words. Nothing more. So refreshing!
2: Very little offensive language. Non of it was unrealistic...  
3: The story flowed well. 
4: Step-mother and step-sister were outrageous enough to make us dislike them, but pathetically funny. You couldn't hate them. 
5: The prince is a dork who is really thrilling when he finally begins thinking for himself. I loved watching him turn into a man. 
6: Danielle is a lovely heroine. I loved her personality... almost everything about her fit my ideal of Cinderella.
7: The humor was really good. :-) 
8: Some undertones... they were enough to keep the grownups interested but not enough to make the kids feel lost. 
9: For the most part, the clothing is very modest.
10: I love how they included Leonardo Da Vinci.

What I Didn't Like:
1: They say that Danielle was meek and obedient before the story began. Unfortunately all we see is the 'new' Danielle that alternately shocks and delights those around her. 
2: Danielle's independent spirit and zeal are both realistic and unrealistic. Messed with my mind. This I did not like. Lol. 
3: Some language ... nothing over the top. 

You don't have to ask if I recommend this film. :-) It's sweet. 


Anonymous said...

I love this movie, hadn't seen it for awhile by my siblings put it on just last week and we we enjoyed it all over again! *smile* great review, btw!

Naomi said...

Glad to hear of someone else who liked it as much as I did. :) :) It's one of those movies that leaves a person smiling. :)

Thanks for the compliment!

Anonymous said...

OK, I want to watch this movie!