Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shrek -- 2001


Rated PG for crude humor and frightening images
My Rating: 3 Stars

Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy
Cameron Diaz
John Lithgow
Vincent Cassel
Peter Dennis
Clive Pearse
Jim Cummings
Bobby Block
Chris Miller
Cody Cameron

Shrek (Mike Myers) is a huge, green Ogre. He likes no one and no one likes him and he'd like it if you left him alone in his smelly swamp, please. Please is while he's chasing you with the pitchfork you brought to chase him with. (Wait a minute, this doesn't seem quite right.)

Anyway. His life is about to change forever. (Talking Donkeys [Eddie Murphy] do that to you. It's kind of inevitable.) All fairytale creatures in the Kingdom are being banished to a swamp... Shrek's swamp. Suddenly, he goes from being a loner to tripping over blind mice, dodging fairies and Pinocchio's ever growing nose. In a huff, he marches straight up to the castle and demands the removal of his unwanted company.

Lord Farguaard (John Lithgow), malnourished ruler of the kingdom, was on the verge of having our ogre killed when one of his advisors advised him that this might be a chance for him to get the Princess of his choice (he had to marry a Princess before he could claim his kingdom). So, a deal was struck: Shrek (with his ever present tag-along talking Donkey) would fetch his Princess and on his successful return, all the fairy-tale creatures would be gone from his swamp.

So Shrek and Donkey set off on an adventure that would change both of them forever (fire breathing dragons also have a way of rearranging lives). But it doesn't end the way they think it's going to.

What I Liked:
1: Sometimes the humor was really funny. I would watch it again for just that.
2: I love the satire on fairy tales... and the characters in them. I would watch it again for that, too. Lol!
3: The romance.
4: The mystery.
5: The singing competition between Princess Fiona and the song bird is my favorite scene. Period. It still makes me laugh and it's been months since I saw it.

What I Didn't Like:
1: The crude humor.
2: The music didn't thrill me. Not my style.

This movie was a maybe four but mostly definitely a three. A lot of people like this film and it's sequels... I must admit that it has it's own genre all to itself. Very funny, very unique. Not the same quality as Monster's Inc. or Cars, but still... pretty good.

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