Monday, September 6, 2010

Space Cowboys -- 2000

Space Cowboys

Rated PG-13 for language
My Rating: 4 Stars

Clint Eastwood
Tommy Lee Jones
Donald Sutherland
James Garner
James Cromwell
Marcia Gay Harden
William Devane
Loren Dean
Courtney B. Vance

“You have a nice life.”

Team Daedalus was made up of four men who trained and tested and experimented with the first equipment developed for space travel. They were there when “rockets were born”. But all the hours of effort and hope were for naught when the US government chose a chimpanzee named Maryanne to go to space instead of human beings. Thus, team Daedalus was put in the closet and left there to rest for 40 years.

NASA has a problem. Russia's primitive, deorbiting Russian satellite, Ikon is going to crash into planet earth. For some reason, their superiors do not want it to come out of space but NASA can't find anyone  who understands the ancient technology of it's system to keep it in space. Except the man who wrote it.

Frank Corvin is still embittered at shelving of Team Daedalus. He had never stopped dreaming about going. So when NASA came to him with the news that his guidance system was on a Russian satellite that was coming down, Frank's mind began work. Sensing how much NASA needed the satellite to remain in space, he played on it and refused to do anything to help... unless he and his team were sent to fix the problem themselves.

In the position they were in, NASA agreed but with terms: Team Daedalus had to be in the same physical condition as all other astronauts. Team Daedalus was 40 years older than most astronauts. But sometimes the wisdom of the years prevails when all else fails.

“You noticed how everyone seems dead lately?”

There was a question that everyone was asking, however: How did a Russian satellite end up with a US guidance system... during the Cold War? Something doesn't feel quite right...

What I Liked:
1: Watching these actors of many years experience was amazing. It felt right... the way they moved/spoke/conducted themselves.
2: The story was interesting but typical. It was a nice mixture.
3: The details were mostly there.
4: Score... there were some really nice melodies.
5: I liked that there was a romance but that it was kept very light.
6: It was pretty clean, despite the language... and a couple scenes that didn't thrill me.
7: Everything was said or done for a reason. It did all fall together.
8: Hawk's sacrifice. It made me sad.

What I Didn't Like:
1: The language.
2: Beginning scene with the magazine and dirty picture. (It is in black and white and pretty quickly off the screen but still...)
3: Jerry is quite the playboy and there are many references to it.
4: Scene in the room with the female doctor. Back nudity of all the guys.
5: Some of the lines seemed to be repetitive. Other than the Hawk and Sara, I wasn't surprised by anything in the movie.
6: Some of the details were skimmed over. For instance, how in the world did they climb aboard that Russian missile while it was floating away at how many thousands miles an hour? Ok, I do have an idea (from other scenes in the movie) but it seemed very detached. Suddenly, there they are, working on it.

 I can certainly tell that Clint Eastwood is used to being the tough guy... the star of the movie. I would now like to see him act in a western... the part seems like it would fit him well.

This film I rated 4 Stars because I did enjoy it and I keep re-watching my favorite parts. But there are things I have only seen once and I intend it to stay that way. Lol!

For mature viewers. :-)

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