Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dreamer -- 2005


Rated PG for mild elements
My Rating: 5 stars

Dakota Fanning
Kurt Russell
Kris Kristofferson
Elisabeth Shue
David Morse
Freddy Rodriguez
Luis Guzman
Oded Fehr

Based on a true story.

Cale Crane. Loves. Horses. She lives on a horse farm. Her Dad works at the racetrack as a trainer. Her Grandpa was a horse trainer and raised top fillies for racing. Does Cale have a horse? Nope. In fact, there is not a single horse on their farm.

One morning, Cale convinces her Dad to bring her to where he works... The stables at the racetrack are filled with beautiful, top racing horses but the best one is a lovely little filly named Sonyador. She had been trained by Cale's father and she was a wonder. Even at her young age, she had won many awards and her owners were sure she had a great future ahead of her.

But today, Cale's dad is sure that Sonya doesn't want to race... heat in her leg... acting a little strange. “She shouldn't race,” he said. But Sonya's owner insists that she's fine and the filly is taken out to the track. The whistle blows and they're off. Sonya takes the lead and all seems to be well... and then, it happens. Sonya and her jockey are down on the track while the others race around them to the finish. Cale's dad has them bring Sonya into the stables and they x-ray her leg. It's the cannon bone... spiral fracture. The owner said to put the horse down. When Cale's dad objects, he is promptly fired. But then Cale's dad does something unexpected.... he buys Sonyador.

It's through this beautiful creature and the faith in their hearts that the Crane family will learn to dream again.

The rest of the movie I leave for you to see. I think it's one of the best horse movies ever made... and it's one so clean, the entire family can enjoy it.

What I Liked:
1: All the actors. They are all so good and there is such a variety of characters and personalities. This movie is golden.
2: This movie was the first one directed by John Gatins
3: The relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Crane is so sweet and wholesome.
4: How realistic this story is.
5: Cale is fairly respectful 99% of the time. But she also has a mind of her own.

What I didn't Like:
1: Mrs. Crane occasionally wears a dress with a lower neckline.
2: Cale, while speaking to the bad guy, uses a slightly crude term.
3: The rare swear word (nothing major).

I want my kids to be able to watch this movie someday. It's a classic.

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