Friday, March 26, 2010

Poste de First -- Welcome

I'm not sure how far this project will go or how long it will last but I'm going to give it my best shot. The reason I created this blog is because I have only found one website that reviewed movies, books, etc, with a conservative viewpoint. I have been raised in a very conservative home and although I'm coming out of it to a certain extent, I experience daily and remember the shocks of the world that I am/was unaccustomed to. I wanted someone to tell me every little detail that might be offensive to me and my family. (Especially them.) But there isn't anyone who has been raised with my values.

But more than that, I love reading reviews and other people's opinions. That is what this blog is about: opinions. I would love to hear others opinions of what I review and what recommendations you have. Please keep in mind that I will not allow lewdness or impropriety. I want this blog to be conservative people friendly, since it is written partially from that viewpoint.

Films, books, music: that is my goal for now. Eventually, I might review websites, photography, musical instruments, actors/actresses, authors, musicians, etc. But the first three will definitely keep me busy enough until I get more internet time. Research is limited because of that.

To be honest, I'm excited about this. Hope I'll be able to get this off the ground and soaring. Cheers and happy reading.

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