Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Igor -- 2008


Rated PG for violence and some innuendo
My Rating: 4 Stars

John Cussack
John Cleese
Molly Shannon
Eddie Izzard
Jennifer Coolidge
Steve Buscemi
Sean Hayes
Jay Leno

“Do not yell at me.”

Once upon a time the land of Malaria had been a beautiful country of sunshine, mountains, bounteousness and wealthy people. But one day, the clouds came and covered the valley, destroying their crops and leaving the inhabitants destitute. Then, King Malbert had an idea: make evil inventions to blackmail the rest of the world with.

There are two classes of people in Malaria: the evil scientists who live in their castles rent free and Igors, their hunchbacked assistants who get their degrees in slurring and “Yes Master”-ing. They are taught to obey without question and not think.

But there is one Igor (John Cussack) who has always wanted to be an evil scientist. Because he was born with a hunch, anything besides being an Igor was out of the question but he dreams anyway and secretly invents. He has moderate success: a rabbit named Scamper (Steve Buscemi) whom he made immortal. And then there is Brain (Sean Hayes), who isn't one.

“Blind orphans get everything!”

Every year, there is an Evil Science Fair, in which all evil scientists enter their latest inventions. The invention that wins is used to blackmail the rest of the world. There is one evil scientist who has won every year: Dr. Schadenfreude (Eddie Izzard). With his success came his popularity with the people of Malaria and King Malbert gets worried that he will be ousted from the throne.

“Ironically, at an inch tall, you still have the biggest mouth in Malaria.”

One day, Igor's master, Dr. Glickenstein, blows himself up, leaving Igor and his two inventions to themselves. Just moments after his untimely expiration, the King arrives to talk to him. Igor tries to tell the King what happened but suddenly realizes that this might be his ticket to showing the world what he can really do in the world of inventions. He tells King Malbert that Dr. Glickenstein's invention is life.

And so, Igor's biggest, most evil invention is begun. Will it be a success?

“May I suggest... looking behind you!!! ...... It was just a suggestion.”

What I Liked:
1: The quality of this movie. Well done!
2: The humor. It's hilarious.
3: The storyline.
4: The twists. Totally kept me on the edge of my seat. :-)
5: They kept it fairly clean.
6: There is an edge on which movie producers/directors can topple from... too little and too much. They only over stepped a couple of times.
7: The romance. ;-) It was so cute.
8: The score. It ranges from very fun with a fifties sound, to lovely and dramatic... old movie sound with LotR mixed in. :-)

What I Didn't Like:
1: Jennifer Coolidge's character (s) was fairly seductive.
2: A little bit of language.
3: There were a couple of scenes that were bordering on colorful.

This is another hilarious film that I want to watch again... and again! :-) It's so well acted and the storyline flows very smoothly. Other than a couple of things, I would have given it a full 5 stars. :-)

“Uh... Canadians.”

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