Thursday, July 8, 2010

Risen -- 2009


Produced by: the N crew

1: Story of One (Aaron Nasby)
2: Forsaken One (Nathan Nasby)
3: Lord Remember Me (Aaron Nasby)
4: I am Called (Nathan Nasby)
5: Song about Faith (Nathan Nasby)
6: Unto Thee O Lord (Aaron Nasby)
7: I Will Lift Up (Aaron Nasby)
8: Behold (Stephen Nasby)
9: Time Will Tell (Nathan Nasby)
10: Risen (Stephen Nasby)

I asked a friend of mine what she liked best about this recording and she replied, “How professional it sounds.” When you read the behind the scenes I'm about to share with you, you will understand why the sound of this recording is so impressive. The brothers that produced “Risen” have their own homemade studio set up in the back of their shop. For ten years, they have been working on this CD and the time and effort shows. They are incredibly gifted musicians and, obviously, diligent to ensure the excellence of their sound.

Our family met the Nasbys in 2002 when we first moved up to Saskatchewan and it has been a blessing to exchange music and fellowship over the past 8 years. We had been keeping an ear open for the news of their completed product, so it was wonderful to receive it in the mail the other day.

Check it out on iTunes.

What I Liked:
1: I appreciate the many instruments and variety they used.
2: The spiritual quality of the songs.
3: The excellent violin music. (The violin happens to be my favorite instrument. :-))
4: The difference in sounds. Not every song is alike. There is a very classical feel to some and a jazz/pop to others.

“Every soul must seek out the truth behind the story of their lives.
May the songs within this collection inspire you on that journey of
discovery toward the Grand Author himself, the Word of Life, Jesus Christ.”
-- eli eli


Nathan Nasby said...

Wow! I've never seen this blog before and never realized you had done up such a nice review of our cd. Thanks for taking the time to listen and put so much thought into the album. We put a lot of thought into it, and to have it examined in such detail is a great honor. Thanks from the Eli Eli crew!

The Ponderer said...

You're very welcome. :) I was happy to be able to do it. :)