Friday, July 30, 2010

Jonah -- VeggieTales Movie -- 2002

a VeggieTales Movie

Rated G
My Rating: 4 Stars

Phil Vischer
Mike Nawrocki
Tim Hodge
Lisa Vischer
Shelby Vischer
Dan Anderson
Kristin Blegen
Jim Poole
Ron Smith

“Compassion runs very deep in my family. But not that deep.”

Bob the Tomato and his crew were on their way to a Twippo concert. Everyone in the back seats of the van were singing their hearts about “Billy McGruffrey” (a Twippo song) but the Bob isn't doing so well. He keeps getting almost hit with the guitar his 'navigator' is playing. When they finish the song, everyone exclaims how much they love Twippo songs and Laura Carrot pipes up about how she does too and not only that, she's the only one out of the entire group who gets to meet him because she won the Twippo Sweepstakes. She holds up her ticket gleefully and a sudden gust of air causes it to flutter from her grasp and out the window.

Just at this catastrophic moment, the guitar gets stuck in the steering wheel and a frantic Bob loses control of the vehicle. They end up with flat tires from a mama porcupine, get stuck in a clothesline and when that snaps, they smash into a stump. Everyone is fine (due to seatbelts and airbags) so they get out and look around. Just down the road is a restaurant and with hopes of finding a telephone and another ride, they all rush over.

While the grownups use the telephone, Laura starts bemoaning the loss of her ticket again. But Junior Asparagus tells her it's her own fault for flaunting it and she's only getting what she deserves. That's when the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything arrive on the screen... once again.

“We are the pirates who don't do anything
We just stay home and lie around...”

“You know, we call ourselves the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything but that's not entirely accurate.”
“Yeah, remember when we did that one thing with that one guy?”

It's from this one guy that The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything had learned a valuable lesson from and they were about to share that lesson with Junior... and anyone else who happened to show up... that compassion and mercy are for everyone.

“...our God is a God of second chances.”

What I Liked:
1: This is a Bible story told in a way that will appeal to many audiences.
2: The lesson was told in such a way that I was given a new perspective on a story I've known forever.
3: The humor.
4: The music... very cute.
5: Make sure and watch the bloopers on the Bonus Features... oh! And the Countertop extras.
6: How they ended on a sad note, just like the Bible story does.
7: Khalil. :-D “I'm a caterpillar. Well, that's only half the truth. My mother was a caterpillar and my father was a worm so that makes me...”

I do recommend this movie. :-) :-) :-) VeggieTales are so much fun.

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LOL! This movie is funny.