Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baby Mama - 2008

Baby Mama

PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, language, and a drug reference
My Rating: 2 stars

Tina Fey
Amy Poehler
Greg Kinnear
Dax Shepard
Romany Malco
Maura Tierney
Holland Taylor
Sigourney Weaver

This is one of those movies that I laughed over two or three times, finished the film and thought, “Was that worth my time?” The answer, I'm afraid, was no. There were too many negatives.

Kate is a very successful, childless, single, 37 year old business woman who suddenly realizes that she wants a baby. Everywhere she goes, she sees babies. And I mean everywhere! She looks around her conference table and all the fat, balding men and ugly women sitting at it turn into gurgling, grinning, adorable babies. (That was one of the scenes I thought was hilarious, in case you hadn't noticed.) She rides in the elevator and all the women in the elevator have babies. She walks down the street and there are strollers with dimpled, angelic babies in them no matter where she looks.

So she tries artificial insemination. Five times. Oh. Wait. I think that was six. Anyways, it doesn't seem to be working. She goes back to the Dr. He informs her that he doesn't like the shape of her uterus... in fact, he doesn't think she can get pregnant. “One chance in a million,” he says.

“Have you heard of surrogate parenting?” asks her sister. Kate says no way. That is not a route she would dream of taking. Ever.

The fee is $100,000. The woman/broker who runs the place is in her 40's and having babies the natural way. Kate makes an appointment to see several would be surrogate mothers and she finds... Angie.

What ensues is... interesting. Funny at times. The best part is when Angie is “beating up on her baby bump”. Hilarious.

What I liked:
1: How well filmed it is.
2: The actors are perfect for their parts.
3: Sweet romances.
4: When the humor was good, it was really good.
5: The lead actors (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) really work well together.
6: The jokes about the health food industry were the funniest. Oh my word.
7: How Kate and Angie both learned there is more to life than money.

What I didn't Like:
1: The crude language/jokes.
2: A lot of the characters were dressed seductively.
3: The scenes they cut out should not have been cut out. They left several strings untied by doing that.
4: The very little moral in this story.

It's a movie for entertainment. It's not one I would watch again but I'm not sorry I watched it. I would like to see those actors in a different type of film because they are excellent at their profession.

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