Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Sum of All Fears -- 2002

The Sum of all Fears

PG-13 for violence, brief strong language
My Rating: 4 stars

Ben Affleck
Morgan Freeman
James Cromwell
Liev Schreiber
Alan Bates
Philip Bakerhall
Ron Rifkin
Bruce McGill

The reason I rented this movie is because I saw it was based on a Tom Clancy novel. I read his “Hunt For Red October” and was impressed with all the detail and research he included. I hoped this movie would be similar. I was even more hopeful when I began watching it and saw in the introductory credits that Tom Clancy is the Executive Producer of this film. I figured that if he had anything at all to do with the making, the movie had to be at least a little bit good. :-)

It was a lot good.

Jack Ryan (Ben Affleck) is just a historian. Well, a little more than that. He researches living people, too. And since he's done his history and paid attention to character and scenarios, he can usually give a good guess at what comes next.

In this case, he predicted it. No one paid any attention to his prediction until his prediction comes true. When attention came, he was hired by the CIA and swept into a world of intrigue, politics, terrorism...

Coming at a time when The Cold War threat was still lukewarm, terrorists strike America and from all appearances, the U.S.S.R. did it. They claim innocence. The President and his staff aren't sure. And when a second attack occurs, this time definitely from Russia, they are certain they must take counter measures. Through it all, Jack Ryan claims the Russian government had nothing to do with the attacks on America and that someone else has a plan in mind. But can he stop counter attacks in time?

The most memorable line in this film for me was this: “People say Hitler was insane. He was not. Hitler was stupid. You don't try to fight Russia and America. ...but if you can get Russia and America fighting each other...”

For the record, I think Hitler was insane. Unfortunately, he had just enough genius to become one of the most infamous murderers in history.

What I Liked:
1: Very well done... story, filming, sequence of events, psychology, acting, etc, etc. I can't praise it enough. The actors who had the chance to be in this movie have a right to be happy with it. Bravo.
2: Morgan Freeman. He is such a great actor. The subtlety of his facials features, way he stands, walks, sits, speaks... it all makes for an incredibly rich actor. A treat for the viewer.
3: Liev Schreiber. Something about watching this man embody his character left me wishing he had more scenes. Excellent work.
4: The score. Great music. Bravo to the composer, musicians and conductor.

What I Didn't Like:
1: The bed scene. Nothing too graphic but enough to let you know where it would have headed if the phone hadn't rung. (Thank goodness for the phone!)
2: Language. Mostly happening when the President (James Cromwell) got excited.

I recommend this movie. :-) Enjoy it.

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