Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beethoven -- 1992


Rated PG for thematic elements
My Rating: 4 Stars

Charles Grodin
Bonnie Hunt
Dean Jones
Oliver Platt
Stanley Tucci

“Really, honey. I've never been more attracted!”

The Newton family is a regular, run of the mill family until a puppy wanders off the street straight into their lives. The children desperately want to keep the dog but Dad (Charles Grodin) says no. However, the mass of wiggling fur and slobber manages to have found a place in the children's hearts and Mr. Newton can't say no. So it is that the puppy, which the children had christened Beethoven, became a permanent fixture in their home.

Months later, Beethoven is fully grown and life is progressing smoothly. He saves the Newtons from bad decisions, bullies, drowning and gets Ryce the attention from a boy she likes among other things. But there is a villain: the local vet (Dean Jones) happens to set his eye on Beethoven as a good size for  experimentation. He stages the dog 'attacking' him and the Newton's are forced to send him the the office to be put down. But the children insist that something is not right...

Will the family be able to save Beethoven in time? And will Beethoven ever find a place in Mr. Newton's heart?

What I Liked:
1: This movie is 99% clean and really, really funny.
2: The bad guy is really creepy.
3: Beethoven is so lovable but very protective.
4: Mr. Newton punching the vet in the face. We were cheering him on. :-)
5: The story is unique enough that it holds you interest. I don't think there has been a movie quite like Beethoven before or after.
6: The bad guys all suffer appropriate endings.

What I Didn't Like:
1: The baby sitter makes one off-color comment...
2: Some language.
3: When the little girl is in the pool and Beethoven rushes to the rescue, they show a young woman sun bathing in a bikini. We know when it's coming, so we just cover the screen. :-)

Things to Know:
1: At one point, Beethoven climbs into Mr. and Mrs. Newton's bed and Mr. Newton thinks it's his wife. It's very funny but maybe a little much for the kids.
2: Mr. Newton is saved by a dog biting the evil vet... in a place I won't mention. Appropriate consequence, I thought. But for girls who don't know boys have them, parents beware.

If you like dog movies, this one is for you. A little cheesy but cute and funny. :-)

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