Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Princess Bride -- 1988

The Princess Bride

Rated PG violence, torture and some innuendo
My Rating: 5 Stars

Cary Elwes
Mandy Patinkin
Chris Saradon
Christopher Guest
Wallace Shawn
Andre The Giant
Robin Wright
Carol Kane
Billy Crystal

“There's not a lot of money in revenge.”
Our family has favorite movie and it is called The Princess Bride. Well, why shouldn't it be? Of all satires I've ever experienced, this movie is by far the best.
[Young grandson has been sick with the flu and Grandfather arrives to cheer him up. He brings with him a very special gift.

“A book?” asks Grandson, blankly. Grandfather regards him sternly and says that in his day, books were the video games and TV. Then he proceeds to open said book and read from it aloud, to Grandson's chagrin. “Fine. I'll try to stay awake.”]

Buttercup was a beautiful maiden who lived on a farm with her horse and stable-boy/servant, named Westley. She loved to take long daily rides on her horse and torment the stable-boy because all he ever said when she told him to do something was, “As you wish.”

Then came the day when an amazed Buttercup realized that when Westley said, “As you wish” what he really meant was, “I love you.” But what was even more amazing was the realization that she loved Westley back. Thus, the two fell into true love.

[“Are you trying to trick me?” Grandson asks suspiciously. “Is this a kissing book?”]

They would have been very happy but Westley had no money for marriage, so he left for high seas, promising to return. But alas! News arrives that his ship has been attacked by the dread Pirate Roberts. And Roberts never takes prisoners.

[“Attacked by pirates is good,” says Grandson, approvingly.]

Heartbroken, Buttercup succumbs to the wiles of Prince Humperdinck and they are engaged to be married. Buttercup (now, Princess Buttercup) did not love Prince Humperdinck and always missed her one true love. Her only consolation was in taking rides on her horse, which is how she ended up getting kidnapped one day by three (unlikely) villains.

[Grandfather looks up from his reading, “Ah. You're getting tired. I'll stop for now.” Grandson, pleadingly: “No... no! I'm fine. Really.”]

This movie has it all: beautiful maidens, dashing heroes, evil princes, six-fingered villains, giants, revenge, mind games, thieves, Fire Swamps, poison, weddings, romance, R.O.U.S's, torture, miracle pills, chocolate, murder, castles... and of course, “twoo wuv”.

What I Liked:
1: The humor. If I'm ever feeling the least bit down, I watch this and it makes me smile.
2: The beautiful dresses Buttercup wears.
3: Even though the story makes fun of love, you are left feeling with a hope that you may have true love, too.
4: The music. It's dorky... and appropriate.
5: Miracle Max (Billy Crystal). So, so, funny. “Nobody's hearing nothin'!”
6: The swordfights. I love the swordfights!
7: The satire.
8: The acting is excellent.
9: The story is perfect.

What I Didn't Like:
1: One use of bad language.
2: One inappropriate mention of Buttercup's anatomy.
Note: neither of these were overdone.

If you like fairy tales and satires, this film is for you. Prepare to laugh yourself silly and wince as your favorite tales are torn to shreds.

“Chocolate makes it go down easier.”

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