Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Karrnnel Sawitsky – fiddle
Ray Bell – guitar
Daniel Koulack – double bass, banjo
Troy MacGillivray – piano
Matt Atkins – drums, percussion
Matt Gruza – accordian
Carman Rabuka – cello

My Rating: 5 Stars


July 18
Sizzle Girl
C-Town/Johnnie MacGillvery's (Karrnnel Sawitsky, Shane Cook, Mark Sullivan, Taylor Buckley)
New Found Melody
Blue Fiddlesticks/5 Months
Safe Driving/Song
The Nameless Scotsman/Jazzy Bluestep
Kanndece & Victor's/Kim & Ken's
That Girl
The Jewish Ukrainian
::bonus track::
The Oatcake Breakdown (Karrnnel Sawitsky and Troy MacGillivray)/
Rivermoth Jig (Karrnnel Sawitsky and JJ Guy)

I've personally known Karrnnel Sawitsky since 2007, where my family and I first met him at Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party's music camp. Since then, he has continued to delight us and all of his other audiences with his music. When Karrnnel made his first recording, I knew it was going to be very good because he is not only an excellent musician, he is a perfectionist. Everything about him, including his appearance, has the look of profession.

I was not disappointed. His recording is one of the best I own and the best I've heard. It's Fiddle with a flair. It's not just one genre; it is many genres. How does one artist present such variety? Well, first, you practice, play, perform and study for over 20 years. Then, you compose a selection of tunes that wow every audience gets to hear them. After that, you have your very talented and remarkable group of musician friends and acquaintances get together for a recording session. :-)

Another reason I am so pleased to write this review is because many of the musicians playing on this CD (including Karrnnel) are friends of mine. Listening to them all play together on this recording is like jamming at camp and looking around the circle of faces of those very dear.

What I Liked:
1: The sound of this recording is professional.
2: Many different genres of music, including celtic, fiddle, rock, bluegrass, classical and jazz.
3: The unique sound of Karrnnel's compositions.
4: The challenge of accompanying this CD (for my practice :-)).
5: Sound of the Fiddle.

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