Monday, June 14, 2010

Emma -- 1996


My Rating: 5 Stars

Kate Beckinsale
Bernard Hepton
Mark Strong
Samantha Bond
James Hazeldine
Dominic Rowan
Samantha Morton
Olivia Williams

A&E put several excellent productions of Jane Austen's stories of the 17th century English middle class and Emma is no exception to the idyllic quality of their other films.

Emma Woodhouse is the 20 year old daughter of her father and the neighborhood matchmaker. She has only the best in mind for those around her but she doesn't see her meddling for what it is. Her oldest friend and confident, Mr. Knightley (also her neighbor) reprimands her more than once as she twists her friends' paths into mazes that astonish even her.

Horrified at the thought of depriving people she loves of happiness, Emma learns a painful lesson about friendship, human beings and... love. Will she ever find it?

What I Liked:
1: The acting. Everyone was phenomenal.
2: The story. They caught the spirit of the book... and of Jane Austen.
3: My favorite character was Jane Fairfax (Olivia Williams).
4: They really portrayed Emma well. You felt the emotions she experienced. It didn't seem extreme in any way.
5: Mr. Knightley was a good Prince Charming. :-)
6: The score. Lovely!

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rebekah said...

I haven't seen this addition of Emma, but I'd like to! :)