Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Parent Trap -- 1998

The Parent Trap

PG for mild mischief
My Rating 5 Stars

Lindsay Lohan
Dennis Quaid
Natasha Richardson
Elaine Hendrix
Lisa Ann Walter
Simon Kunz
Ronnie Stevens
Joanna Barnes

The first time I watched this movie was during a difficult time in my life and it made me laugh so hard. Ever since then, it's been my in my top ten list of movies... along with Fiddler on the Roof, Miss Potter and Narnia.

When Hallie Parker (Lindsay Lohan), cool girl from California, and Annie James (Lindsey Lohan), prim miss from England, meet at summer camp, they promptly become worst enemies. So what that they both look so much alike that no one can tell them apart!

“The difference between us is that I have class and you don't.” [insert British accent]

But after a round of pranks played on each other and the two are sent to the isolation cabin, they can't help but notice the similarities in their lives... such as, they both love Oreos with peanut butter on them, they each have one parent missing (Hallie only has a dad and Annie only has a mom) and their birthdays are on the same day.

It's then that Annie begins to wonder... she asks Hallie if she has a picture of her mother. Yes, Hallie says, but only one and it's only half a picture, torn down the middle. Annie's eyes widen. “My picture of my father is half a picture, too!” And when they show each other their pictures, it's clear that Annie and Hallie look alike for good a reason: they're identical twins.

The girls immediately become inseparable. The time they have together seems very short, now. As the precious moments pass and the time draws ever nearer to part, they come up with a scheme so hair brained that it might just work. They were going to switch places. Annie would pretend to be Hallie and go to California while Hallie would pretend to be Annie and go to England. The purpose of said plan is two-fold:

1: They each get to know the parent that had missed.
2: Get their Mom and Dad back together.

What ensues is hilarious and incredibly sweet. My entire family loves this film!

What I Liked:
1: The score... from the first until the last, it's perfect!
2: The acting. Everyone is incredibly gifted... I love Lisa Ann Walters and Simon Kunz. :-)
3: Lindsay Lohan. She's a big reason the movie is a success.
4: The story. I love the evil girlfriend. But I wish they hadn't used the name Meredith. Lol. I like that name.
5: The pranks. They didn't seem outlandish or impossible.
6: Elaine Hendrix was a great pick for the girlfriend. ;-)
7: The scene where Hallie meets her mom for the first time never fails to tear me up.
8: The Elizabeth James character is probably my favorite. She is so graceful.. gentle.. beautiful and I love her smile! Shy... demure.

What I Didn't Like:
1: Meredith is fairly seductive, which is quite necessary for the story, but some of the outfits are... well, less than modest.
2: One part, Nick touches Meredith inappropriately. We always put a pillow over the t.v. at that point. It happens when “Hallie” (Annie) is first home and is watching them out the window through her camera.

I highly recommend this film. :-)

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