Friday, May 28, 2010

The Mightiest Heart -- Lynn Cullen

The Mightiest Heart

By Lynn Cullen
Illustrated By Laurel Long

My Rating: 5 Stars

There are times that I find greater pleasure in a truly well told and illustrated children's book. This is one of them. I hope to purchase a copy someday for my library.


In Snowdonia, there was a young prince named Llywelyn who lived in great stone castle and he... “...was the luckiest lad in Wales... He had strong ponies to ride; servants to grant his every wish; a table set with jellied eel and roast peacock. But what made Llywelyn truly lucky was his dog, Gelert.”

A legend of a dog and his boy that lives on through the woven words of Lynn Cullen and marvelous period illustrations of Laurel Long. There really is a place called Snowdonia... “If fairies exist, they live there.” And there truly was a Prince Llywelyn and a dog Gelert.

Be prepared to be taken back in time and inspired by true devotion.

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