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Transformers -- Revenge of the Fallen -- 2009

Revenge of the Fallen

Rating PG-13 for violence, language, crude/sexual references and one drug reference
My Rating: 3 stars

Shia LaBeouf
Megan Fox
Josh Duhamel
Tyrese Gibson
John Turturro
Ramon Rodriguez
Kevin Dunn
Julie White
Isabel Lucas
John Benjamin Hickey
Rainn Wilson

“What you're about to see is top secret. Do not tell my Mother.”

I must say, for everything I didn't appreciate in this film, I want to rewatch it. It has a nice quality to it and loads of humor. The line above is my absolute favorite. This is next in line:

“Do you live with your mother?”
“No, Mama lives with me. Big difference.”

I haven't watched any other Transformer movies so I have missed out on a lot of the introductions and story that would have helped me understand this movie better.

Summary: Transformers have coexisted with humans since the earth came into existence. They have always helped mankind. But there was a rebel who hated humans and he wanted to destroy earth entirely. The righteous Transformers had no choice but to banish the rebel. They called him The Fallen. He was not alone in his hatred and had gathered many followers as he tried to work his evil plans. They were called Decepticons. There was rarely a time of peace between Transformers and Decepticons. The one always fighting to protect the human race and the other to destroy it.

Sam Witwicki is a teen with a special power and he has been on many missions with his other gifted friends (including his beautiful girlfriend), fighting with the Transformers and soldiers. But he is tired of not being normal. He wants to settle down to a safe, sane life, enjoy his loved ones, go to college and basically, grow up the regular way.

But once he gets to college, strange things begin to happen. First off, there's this creepy girl who won't take 'no' for an answer. In fact, she basically molests Sam whenever she's in the room. Sam knows something is terribly wrong, but being the gentleman he is, he doesn't know how to stop her advances without being brutal. As it turns out... No, I won't tell you.

Suddenly Sam and his friends and family are all thrust into another adventure that involves death and pain and great sacrifice... and plenty of action!

What I Liked:
1: That Sam's parents were still deeply in love... and found each other physically attractive.
2: How strong Sam and Mikaela's relationship seemed.
3: The clear sense of good and evil. (I wish it were always so clear in real life...!)
4: Shia LeBeouf. Good acting.
5: The humor... when it wasn't crude... was really, really funny. It even made my very reserved sister lol. Good job, guys.
6: Military scenes. I love 'em. Seemed very realistic.

What I Didn't Like:
1: Lots of sex talk. It was excessive and didn't add anything to the story.
2: Crude jokes.
3: The molestation scenes. They did add a lot to the story, however.
4: How ridiculous and immature Sam's mother was on campus. That was embarrassing. She was a different person later on in the movie... so why did they have to make her like that? If they did it for the humor aspect, they failed miserably.
5: It was 96% action. Way too much. I need breathers!
6: Some language.
7: While Sam and Mikaela's relationship seemed strong/good, at the same time, I really wish they would have waited to have sex until they were married. I know it isn't often that people wait but there are still some people out there who are committed to sexual purity and would appreciate movies that encourage such a commitment.

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