Friday, May 14, 2010

Fantastic 4 -- 2005

Fantastic 4

Rated PG Violence not recommended for children
My Rating 3 Stars

Ioan Grufford
Jessica Alba
Michael Chiklis
Chris Evans
Julian McMahon
Kerry Washington

This is a fairly clean film that has Ioan Grufford in it. So if you like superheroes and Ioan G., this film is for you. :-)

Reed Richards. Genius scientist. Nice guy.
Ben Grimm: Reed's 'body guard' and fellow scientist.
Sue Storm: Beautiful. Smart. Scientist. Reed's ex-girlfriend. She doesn't know it but she's still in love with him.
Johnny Storm: Sue's younger brother. Playboy. Doesn't take life seriously. Also a scientist.
Victor Von Doom: The Dutch take it again! Dangerously handsome. Jealous of Reed Richards.

After four scientists are exposed to cosmic radiation, they find themselves endowed with some extraordinary abilities. Shocked at this sudden change in themselves, they try to find a way to become normal again... but little do they know that the very thing they were exposed to also created an enemy who is now seeking for revenge. And they are the target.

What I Liked:
1: The romance. ;-)
2: Ioan Grufford. He's the best thing about this film.
3: I love how Johnny grows up.

What I Didn't Like:
1: The story seemed very ordinary. No twists. Nothing surprising.
2: Jessica Alba's space suit is ridiculously low. How practical is that? :-P Unrealistic. The entire purpose of the suit was to be sexy. However, other than one or two references, it is ignored.
3: little bit of language.
4: It was action, action, action. I simply didn't find the story smoothly told.
5: It did help the story, but there are a couple parts where the characters are undressed (Johnny's clothes burn off) (Sue turns invisible and her clothes don't... and to be honest, Reed's comment at that point is very funny. Just like a man. “Wow, you've been working out.” ::snort::).

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