Thursday, August 12, 2010

Curly Top -- 1935

Curly Top

Rated G
My Rating: 4 Stars

Shirley Temple
John Boles
Rochelle Hudson
Jane Darwell

Based on the book 'Daddy Long Legs'. Shirley Temple gives a musical performance that is altogether adorable. I was very impressed with 99% of her performance... it was very natural, therefore, cute. ;-)

Elizabeth lives at an orphanage with her older sister, Mary. Their parents were actors before they died so both girls were quite gifted in music and dancing. Mary promised she would stay always with Elizabeth so even though she was too old for the orphanage, she paid her board by cleaning and cooking there. Elizabeth was quite a little persona and continually got into trouble with her antics. But she is so precious that the ladies can't bear to punish her too badly and life went on with her pony and duck. Then, the orphanage trustees come for a visit. They ranged from 99% old and strict to 1% young and amused. The young and amused happened to Mr. Edward Morgan who had recently come into his inheritance upon his father's death... the orphanage ladies wanted desperately to stay on his good side but things nearly got out of hand when one of the other trustees demanded that Elizabeth (who accidentally insulted him with her mimicking) be put into an institution.

After a conference between Elizabeth and himself in the study, he decides he is going to adopt her as his own. Elizabeth was delighted but there was one thing Mr. Morgan didn't know about her... Mary. But no problem. He decides to adopt them both. Well, sort of. He says he's adopting them for a mysterious benefactor who is in Europe, therefore cannot be met at the present time.

So Elizabeth and Mary go from rags to riches beyond their wildest dreams. And don't forget about the pony and duck! :-) “Oh my goo'ness!” They all live happily together and enjoy the challenges and pleasures of family life for some time.

But there is romance in the air... Mary has fallen desperately in love with Edward Morgan and he with her, but neither realize their feelings for the other. It's up to Miss Curly Top herself to play matchmaker... though very innocently. You can be assured that when Shirley Temple is involved, the story ends happily for all. :-)

What I Liked:
1: Some of the lines were so cute. There is something about watching Shirley Temple on the big silver screen... I don't know. It's like having a huge dish of perfect chocolate set in front of me and being told to, 'Eat up!' :-)
2: It was super clean, of course.
3: The humor was fun.
4: You get a big dose of modest swim suits. Lol!
5: Some of the songs are really catchy and nice.
6: When the orphanage ladies were crying.
7: The butler and the cook.

What I Didn't Like:
1: Some of the songs went on half of forever.
2: The occasional stiffness. This movie is actually one of the best I've seen from the 30's, though. You just can't be stiff with Shirley Temple. :-)
3: That being said, the worst actor on the movie was John Boles. :-P He could have been fairly good looking but every time he laughed or tried to be cute... well, let's just say I didn't care for his performance.

If you like B&W movies, I think you'll enjoy this film. Actresses come and go but there are some that never grow old; Shirley Temple being in the top ten. :-)

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