Monday, August 30, 2010

Saving Sarah Cain -- 2007

Saving Sarah Cain

Rated PG for brief teen smoking
My Rating: 4 Stars

Lisa Pepper
Elliott Gould
Tess Harper
Tom Tate
Abigail Mason
Soren Fulton
Danielle Chuchran
Tanner Maguire
Bailey Madison

The phone call came just as Bryan Ford (Tom Tate) was about to ask Sarah Cain (Lisa Pepper) to marry him. That instant began his intended's transformation into a new woman. And it began a series of events that rocked two worlds, the lives of five Amish children whose home and family are the world and a young Englisher whose career means everything to her.

When Sarah Cain's sister died, leaving her custody of five children who had no idea about the outside world, she opted to bring them back to Portland with her. Picture it: five Amish children, big city. Five Amish children, Englisher home. Five Amish children, typical public schools. The move from Pennsylvania was more than a change of scenery for them; it was culture shock.

But if the children had problems adjusting, so does Sarah. She offers to buy them new clothes so they will fit in better. But Lyddie (Abigail Mason) is adamant, “Plain we were raised and plain we will stay.” Sarah buys more groceries in a week than she goes through in two months... and eating out? Chopsticks are lethal weapons!

And what about her writing? Before the phone call, her columns were being cut out of newspapers but everyone loves to read about Plain People fitting into 21st century world. It's like time travel without the fantasy. Her column is popular... and gaining. But there is a problem.

It's when her world falls apart that Sarah Cain finds her cross-roads. She must decide who she will live for, no matter what she loses or what the end gains her.

What I Liked:
1: It was fairly well acted... very well directed. I would say this is the best I've seen of Michael Landon Jr.'s films.
2: The 21st century language in a Christian film. I appreciate that they were willing to go the second mile to insure the accuracy of the story.
3: It was indeed inspirational. :-) :-)
4: The score was lovely!
5: The story. I can see why this, of all Beverly Lewis' books, was chosen. It's unique but not so unique that we can't learn from it.
6: The romance. Hehe. :-)
7: I love her boss. He's a jerk, a creep and someone I totally wouldn't like in real life. But he's great on screen. ;-) Elliot Gould was an excellent choice for the part.
8: The buggy/car chase was a very interesting addition to the story. Including that was a wise move on the part of the director.

What I didn't Like:
1: Some of Sarah's lines were said like she was reading them.
2: Since they were careful to keep the language and dress accurately for the setting, I think they should have taken another step and had Sarah and Bryan kiss... or at least indulge in long hugs. It felt wrong when it was only a peck on the cheek. However... who am I to say. :-P

Things to Know:
1: One of Sarah's co-workers... and some of the fellow students of Anna Mae were dressed typically. It did help the story but if you're sensitive to this, I would recommend a screen cover.


rebekah said...

I saw this movie, then read the book. I did like the book better, but they did a pretty good job recreating it as a movie.

There were some things I didn't care for, but it mad me cry, laugh, and go "I know what she feels like!" and left me with inspiration. :)

Naomi, I hear they are going to make more of Beverly Lewis' books into movies!

Naomi said...

That's wonderful. I have never enjoyed Beverly Lewis' books but I always thought they would be great on screen. :)