Friday, August 20, 2010

National Treasure -- 2004

National Treasure

Rated PG for violence
My Rating: 5 Stars

Nicholas Cage
Diane Kruger
Justin Bartha
Sean Bean
Jon Voight
Harvey Keitel
Christopher Plummer
Stewart Finlay-McLennan

“In 1832, Charles Carroll was the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence...” It is with his last breath, this man bequeathed a clue to the one person he could: Thomas Gates. “The secret lies with Charlotte”, it read. The clue passed from his feeble hand to Thomas' sturdy one was to a treasure... a treasure beyond imagination.

Since that say, the Gates family had been searching relentlessly for it. Convinced of it's existence while others laughed at them; searching when all hope seemed gone... but finally, one of them seemed to be getting somewhere: Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicholas Cage). He had gone through his boyhood years hearing stories about his family's history and had decided at a young age that he would follow in his forefathers' footsteps. But with one small difference: he was going to find the treasure.

After years of studying and training, Ben Gates believed he had finally found Charlotte. The Charlotte was not a woman but a ship. With the help of his navigator/computer/science geek, Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) and his sponsor, they discovered that the whims of nature had most likely landed and trapped her in ice, North of the Arctic Circle.

Sure enough, The Charlotte lay there, waiting for them. But it wasn't treasure they found in her; only a beautiful meerschaum pipe with this legend inscribed on it: “The Legend writ. The stain effected. The key in Silence undetected. Fifty-five in iron pen. Mr. Matlack can't offend.” After Ben realized where the next clue was located, he wasn't sure what to do. But he did know that stealing it was out of the question and said so. Unfortunately, his sponsor was as unscrupulous as he was wealthy and proceeded to destroy The Charlotte... with Ben and Riley in it.

Surviving this, the two made their way back to civilization. They knew they could not let something of such importance fall into the hands of Ian Howe but no one would believe that the most guarded document in the United States of America could be stolen. After trying all law enforcements in Washington D.C. and anyone else who might have even a small chance of thwarting Ian, Benjamin Franklin Gates decided that in order to do what is right, he would do something wrong:

He would steal the Declaration of Independence before Ian could.

What I Liked:
1: Two of my favorite actors, Sean Bean and Stewart Finlay-McLennan were on this film. Actually, I must admit that everyone on this film was wonderful. This is the first film I saw Nicholas Cage in and it remains my favorite. He's good in this character.
2: I love Riley. He's hilarious. You really have to be good to pull off an act like that... facial expressions, tone of voice... etc. etc.  
3: The humor. It's clean.

4: Speaking of clean, this movie is definitely a family film...
5: Even though this film revolves around masonry, etc, it doesn't ever sanction or judge the society. It leaves that up to the viewer.
6: The story was very unique and very interesting.
7: The fact that this is one of the best films I've ever seen.
8: Having a very light romance was good.
9: There is enough adventure to be interesting but not so much that kids get too scared.
10: The historical value to this story. It would be a good one for history class.
11: Very little language.

“We probably have our own satellite by now.”

What I Didn't Like:
1: Abigail's clothing is sometimes a little revealing. Nothing horrible, though.
2: One time, Abigail and Ben were changing their clothes in a store and you can see their shoulders above their prospective doors. Nothing that a screen cover can't take care of.

Things To Know:
1: There is some language but it's pretty light.
2: There is a reference to Abigail being pregnant (she's not).

This film made me interested in studying further on the subjects mentioned and read the full version of the Declaration of Independence. As I mentioned above, this film might be good for learning history in a fun way.

“Uh Ben, thee.. the mean declaration lady is behind you.”

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Hadassah's Corner said...

love this movie. The mystery is so incredible and the history makes it a rewatch. :-)